Your FAQs Answered!

Once I subscribe, when do I receive my first workout?
You’ll receive an email from me right away going over the details and an invitation to log in to your True Coach App within 24 hours.  You can start our workouts once you have logged into your app.

Is there a start and end date?
There is no end date to fitness…and no better time to start than now!  You can begin the program at any time!! There will be changes in phase and programming every month or so.  If you want to start at a beginning of a phase keep an eye on my social media or join my newsletter for updates…but again…why wait to build a better you?

How long will the workouts take?
These workouts are for people who are busy, but understand that exercise are a crucial component in physical and mental health.   30-45 minutes including warm up and cool down is all you will need for the strength workouts, and the HIIT workouts you will be between 12-20 minutes!  Make them longer if you wish, but that’s all you need.

How long does the STRONG BODIES program last?
I phase the workouts every 4 weeks, but the program is progressive and phased over a 12 month period.  You are in the best hands! This is a process - it takes time and a commitment from you. I want you to stay consistent for as long as you are able to stick with it!!

When does my payment come out?
When you subscribe, your payment will come out.  Every month, a recurring payment will come out on the same date you signed up

What if I need to cancel my subscription?
NO PROBLEM!  I completely understand that things get in the way, you are able to manage your own subscription through Moonclerk (the program I use to run my subscriptions).  Log in and cancel at anytime. Come on back when you miss us!

Where do I direct my questions while doing the STRONG BODIES program?
SO EASY! When you join you’ll receive an invite to my exclusive Strong Bodies Facebook Group. Please post your questions there! I check it daily and will be there to support you along the way.  VIP STRONG BODIES - you have direct access to me through the personalized app. I will respond within 24 hours. There is also a bi-weekly live group chat where you are able to ask any questions you may have!

Do I need to be an experienced gym-goer to benefit from STRONG BODIES?
Some experience is recommended but I’ll be providing demo videos and instruction to ensure proper form (this is key!).  If you are unsure, feel free to post your questions in written or video form to the Private Facebook Group and I will provide feedback.

How often do the workouts change?
My training is unique!  I believe in shocking the body as much as possible.  The more change and shock we put our bodies through, the harder it has to adjust - the more results you will see.  This means different workouts each week with different splits. Way more work on my part (no cutting and pasting in my programming!!) but so much better for you!  This is how I have always trained myself as well as clients, check out the proven results!