The benefits of Small Group Training!


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Today’s Blog is all about the benefits of small group training, written by my friends and fellow trainer/business coach Lauren Pryor. Thank you for letting me use your article for my latest blog!

Benefits of Small Group Training

Small group training has a lot of benefits.  Besides being able to make some new friends – here are the reason why I really enjoy coaching my small group – but also reasons why you may enjoy it too!

  1. Economical. Personal training can be pricey, but jumping into a small group with similar goals you save on cost but still benefit from the one/one with a coach.

  2. Motivational. Its motivational to work out with motivated people. Simple. Small group training may not only push outside your comfort zone – in a safe environment guided by a skilled coach – but also by your fellow comrades.

  3. One/one attention. Because of the small size group your coach is able to spend more time correcting form and providing feedback.

  4. Variety and Plan. Depending on the focus of your small group, your coach provide the expertise in variety of movements and progression of your fitness plan.

  5. Focus. Versus heading to the gym to do the “lil of this, lil of that” program. The structure of the small group session will keep you on track for your workout.

  6. FUN. It’s fun to work out with a small group of friends, or soon to be friends.

  7. Progression and RESULTS. Its great to see yourself improve – whether that be with technique or strength. I think this is my favourite point. I love creating a plan, coaching, and tracking the progression of my clients. If you don’t measure it – how do you know you are getting better?

You can check out this blog and the rest of her site here!

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