How to get the most out of your STRENGTH SESSIONS.


Hello my friends!

This week i want you to think about your strength training sessions and the purpose behind the movements. I always tell clients that if they are talking in the middle of their set, they most likely are not working hard enough. I think the misconception is that in order for us to build a physique and get stronger, we have to lift incredible amounts of weight. Although lifting heavy is important, your movements and the ROM are going to make much more of an impact on your gains. Each rep needs to be completed slow, controlled and through its entire range - there is no such thing as momentum in your strength training session! You also need to reach muscle fatigue (feel that burn) and/or failure - this is also very important and often difficult for people (especially women) to get comfortable with. Through experience and consistency in the gym, you will better understand what i am referring to. I took a quick video of my last training session to show you what i mean by training with purpose and fatigue - you can see it in my expressions - not pretty I understand, but guess what? I am sore today!!!!

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