Essential Everyday Supplements

Lets talk supplements. I, like most people, will go through cycles of diligence. Times when I take supplements as planned, times when I’ll take none, and several other degrees in between. I will also change formulas on a regular basis so will most likely blog more about the different supplements I’m taking as I go. But for now, here are some of my favourites right now.



I always drink my greens. Most who know me would say I am over the top obsessed with making sure I get enough big leafy greens in everyday. I am not too fussed about the brand but I just finished the Mult + Greens+ (pictured) which actually tasted pretty good! The best thing about these now vs a few years ago is they have improved the taste, so much easier to consume now. Drinking a scoop or two of this with fresh lemon and a liter of water a day just makes me feel good. I feel like it is an easy way to get your greens, especially on-the-go, plus it nourishes and gives you that pick-me-up first thing in the morning.



Although I feel amazing for my age, I definitely feel more aches and pains now than I did when I was in my 20’s….ok 30’s too…

Recovery has been a godsent.

Recovery was something I actually initially bought for my Rotties who needed a supplement to support their big frames. They’re heavy so knees, hips and overall body pain can become an issue. I was impressed after a few month of supplementing them with it how much better they moved. Justice, our male quite often had a small limp - I saw a huge improvement after a few months of regular use. Following a month of being consistent with taking Recovery, my low back and knees felt significantly better. I have now been taking it for 4 years and recommend it to all my clients that suffer from body pain.


brad kings.jpg

This is another supplement I have been taking for years, and do recommend to clients.

Some Highlights and Suggested Benefits -

Reduces excess body fat - especially in the abdominal region

Increases the body’s natural production of estrogen, progesterone and testosterone

Partially blocks the negative effects of estrogen on cells

Helps protect breast an uturine cells

Neutralizes excess toxins



Ive tried several “pre workouts” and I actually don’t like how they make me feel. My face gets fuzzy and I feel too jittery. Vega Energizer does none of that but does give me an extra boost of energy that I sometimes need. Not only does it taste good, but it is good for your body (and the planet!), containing 100mg of caffeine from coffee berry and green tea. It also contains electrolytes which we all need during those high intensity sweaty workouts!

This is my go to before my workouts, and recommend it to all my clients as well!


Yes! I feel like even though we try really hard to make sure were are getting the proper amounts of specific vitamins in through our eating, it isn’t always enough.

Keep in mind - these are just my suggestions, PLEASE SPEAK WITH YOUR DOCTOR before taking anything.

OMEGA 3’S - Brain health and helps decrease muscle soreness.

Vit C - We live in Canada - need I say more?? I take 500mg a day - especially in the winter. Not only is Vit C good for immune function, it also helps your skin.

Vit D - I started taking Vit D (1000mg) after an annual physical and my Dr. said my levels were low. They’re are so many reasons why we should be taking Vit D - bone health, heart health, energy as well as low levels could cause weight gain are just a few.

There you have it! As mentioned, I change what I take every now and then, try things clients have suggested or have read about through my researching so this list changes. I will continue to up to date you on the new supplements I try and of course would love to hear any of your suggestions!


Let me know - would love the feedback!

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