How to Break Through Your Plateau

What is the a plateau & Why are you in one?

What is a plateau? Plateaus, or in scientific terms - General Adaptation Syndrome, was first diagnosed by a Canadian endocrinologist and is when your body handles and manages stress and the demands you place on it.  Therefore, you don’t get the results you may have had in the past.

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Tish Duffy
Easy Tuna Pasta

Hello my friends!

I know that meal prep can be a bit daunting, especially figuring out what to make that is healthy but also tasty. Here is one of my absolute favourite meals - its quick, minimal ingredients, packed with lean protein, and of course it is so yummy!

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Essential Everyday Supplements

Lets talk supplements. I, like most people, will go through cycles of diligence. Times when I take supplements as planned, times when I’ll take none, and several other degrees in between. I will also change formulas on a regular basis so will most likely blog more about the different supplements I’m taking as I go. But for now, here are some of my favourites right now.

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Fundamentals of Fitness 7 Day Challenge

I originally created these workouts and tips for my clients for the times I am away, but I am thrilled to also share them with you! Not only will this Challenge keep you on track with your personal goals, it will also let me share with you more of what I think is important when it comes to fitness.

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