About TISh

I’m a Canadian girl – born and raised in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Above all else, I’m passionate about fitness and wellness!  I love helping and inspiring people - not only clients, but everyone I connect with day to day! It is what I love and live and want to share it with you! My passion is lifting, for many reasons which we’ll talk more about in blogs to come; but I also love hiking, mountain biking, skiing, travelling and spending time with my friends and family - my Husband, 3 fur kids, and my parents (the people who have contributed most to my drive and success).

Whether you’re someone who has taken time off and is in need some direction to get back on track, or maybe you’re more advanced and looking to push to new heights, I am here to guide you in the right direction. You’ll learn along the way, with an emphasis on truths concerning fitness rather than myths, either way I hope you’ll continue the process for the rest of your life. Achieving a better YOU is a process and will never have an end date.

We’re all busy but if you’re anything like me, fitness is a priority in my day so getting the best workout in the most efficient time possible is important! Not only do I need to know the program I am doing is going to be results driven, but I need to know the why - as I am sure you do!

We live in a society where everything is going online, and finding online trainers is easy. Finding one who you can trust, is the real challenge! Rest assured - you have found a safe place here, where not only are you going to get a program catering to your needs and goals, but you’re are getting it from someone who has been in the industry for 25 years and has the education to back it up. The WHY behind every exercise, each superset must to be available to you; in addition to results, the science behind the training is what these programs will provide. Figuring things out on your own should never have to be part of the equation when getting a professional program. Feeling supported should be. My education and experience, combined with and YOUR dedication and discipline will provide RESULTS. 

We are a team – and with the right program for you not only will you see and feel the difference, you will have a ton of fun during the process!!